Our ACE Capital Group Land Banking opportunity encompasses some of the most valuable pre-developed land in California… and we are proud to offer these premium parcels as some of the most safe, secure, and effective investment vehicles available today. ACE Capital Group Land Banking parcels are very carefully researched and selected utilizing extremely stringent criteria to ensure our customers of the safest and most secure California land ownership possible. ACE Capital Group wholly owns each and every parcel of California land we offer to our customers… and each parcel is sold fee simple with title insurance and a recorded grant deed completely clear of any and all encumbrances.
As the owner and distributor of premium California land parcels, ACE Capital Group periodically reveals some of our “prime” parcels currently available for immediate purchase. Due to the high demand for these “prime” parcels, please be aware that the land parcels listed here may or may not be available at the time you view them on our site. Please contact one of our Land Banking Specialists (Click on “Our Sales Teams” in the “About Us” drop down menu) for more information regarding our current inventory of premium California pre-developed land parcels.

ACE Capital Group owns and maintains a substantial inventory of premium California pre-developed land parcels located within the greater Antelope Valley in the direct growth path of the Los Angeles megalopolis. In light of the fact that each and every ACE Capital Group land parcel meets and exceeds very stringent criteria which serve to make land valuable (and occasionally the information that augments that criteria can be difficult to discern and understand for the layperson), our general parcel inventory is not available for public viewing via this website. However, our ACE Capital Group Land Banking Specialists will be delighted to share our Land Parcel inventory with you in the context of a complimentary Land Banking evaluation and consultation.